YouTube removes interview with professor of medicine on Covid stats and policy

YouTube removes interview with professor of medicine on Covid stats and policy


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Exhibit: proper right here is the video that YouTube took down for “violating tips”. They rejected our attract to occupy the video reinstated.

Discontinuance to a choice for your self whether it is unhealthy material…

We had a huge-ranging dialogue, wherein he acknowledged:

The virus is ‘getting drained’

– Throughout the earlier two weeks, the virus is displaying indicators of in reality petering out

– It’s as even if the virus is ‘getting drained’

– It’s taking place internationally on the identical time

There may be uncommon herd immunity

– The serology outcomes across the sector (and imminent in Britain) don’t essentially connect the share of those that occupy had the illness

– He estimates 25-30% of the UK inhabitants has had Covid-19, and elevated within the neighborhood that’s most prone

– Pockets of herd immunity serve *alreadydisplay masks the downturn

– Sweden’s stop consequence are actually not assorted to ours – lockdown versus no lockdown

Effort is extra lethal than the virus

– When the traditional earlier books are written, the phobia will occupy completed worthy extra harm than the virus, along side glowing numbers of most cancers and cardiological victims no longer being dealt with and lack of life unneccessarily

– We may effectively effectively peaceful occupy purchased the gear of the NHS for non-corona victims aid originate earlier

Masks and faculties

– Proof on masks is factual no longer there each contrivance so it occupy to be an ‘specific individual choice’

– We may effectively effectively peaceful switch to 1m social distancing which contrivance consuming areas and bars may effectively effectively reopen

– Additional faculties may effectively effectively peaceful reopen in June as ‘youngsters ought to no longer the transmitters of this virus’

– We might like to be getting aid to the ‘venerable additional particular’ no longer a ‘uncommon additional particular’


  1. There are two separate issues here:

    1. Non-science: calling Karol Sikora a "professor of medicine" hides the fact that he's an oncologist; if he ever had any expertise it was in cancer, not epidemics, and he has no business speaking outside his field. Sikora is also a fellow of The Princes Foundation For Integrated Health and a professional member of the generically-named College Of Medicine. Both of these organizations are lobbyists which promote alternative medicine.

    2. Censorship: rather than allow conversation where real scientists can respond to Sikora's nonsense with facts, YouTube decided to push his followers into their own echo chambers where pieces like this which represents him as a martyr go unchallenged.

    Sakora isn't a martyr: he's either an insane person or an amoral profiteering liar who doesn't care if his lies get people killed. But I don't think censorship is the answer to lies. Truth is the answer to lies.

  2. I don’t agree with the interview contents, nor think professorship alone gives sufficient credibility in the face of a novel pandemic, data of which is in the process of emerging. That said, I don’t want youtube to be in charge of deciding what is credible or not. They don’t have in-house experts on these domains, they don’t have a magic epistemology machine that spits out the “facts”. They are good at writing web services, they shouldn’t be in charge of things like sound epidemiology.

    I always imagine past figures that had adversarial relationships with authority at their times like Socrates, Galileo or Jesus and realize how Youtube would definitely take their videos down, shut their channels down and Susan Wojcicki would say things like “on matters of geocentricity vs heliocentricity we will follow the expert opinion of Catholic Church”. Then I think how might we be hurting ourselves today in ways we don’t even know by letting these tech institutions be the ultimate arbiter of our meaning making machinery.

  3. Instead of pussyfooting around, it'd be nice if YouTube would just tell us explicitly what we're supposed to think.


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