What’s App notifications problem in Android 10

What’s App notifications problem in Android 10

At the moment I in fact get pleasure from a enviornment with the notifications in What’s App on my Pixel 4.

No topic how time and over once more I area the notifications I obtain to “Mute”, they assist coming abet as “Alert”.

This scheme that I am unable to flip the vibration off for these notifications if my cell phone isn’t any longer in Mute Mode.

Since I assemble not wish to put my cell phone in Mute, and I assemble not need it to vibrate on what’s app notifications, I tried to safe the origin of this bug.


Each Time the person changes the Message Notification kind (Alert|Mute) What’s App creates a model new channel for the notifications, named: individual_chat_defaults_XX (XX being a bunch incrementing).


I choose the realm is the one in this project at Pixel Phone Abet

Notifications in Android 10

As I perceive it, for each notification in Android 10, there may be an accompanying channel_id that specifies the compose of notifications.

This permits us to look at settings to handiest a pair of of the notifications varieties.

Settings resembling “No extra notification of this type” or “Alert me on this compose of notification”.

What yow will locate on this repository

I made an app that creates a model new channel each time it creates a model new notification, however with the identical title.

This scheme that this may assist vibrating in case your cell phone is in vibrate mode.

Everytime you happen in order so as to add safe admission to to all notifications to this app, this may log channel ids for all notifications you obtain and likewise it’s more than likely you will possibly apply What’s App channel ids.

Units with the bug

After all be at liberty to safe a PR along with your cell phone it reveals the bug furthermore

  • Pixel 4 / Android 10
  • Pixel 3a / Android 10

Simple safe out find out how to breed

Scenario your cell phone to vibration mode.

Open the app with Android Studio.

Push the Floating Motion Button, your cell phone shoul vibrate.

Lengthy press on the notification might possibly possibly peaceful will allow you safe it silent.

Press over once more on the FAB.

It will possibly possibly possibly peaceful vibrate over once more, with the identical channel title.


The principle enviornment is that:

The app creates a notification, with a model new channel_id: "ab1", title:"good day".

individual_chat_defaults in What’s App (I assemble not know the long-established channel in WA, however or not it’s individual_chat_defaults_30 on my cell phone.)

The person units that channel to “silent”

At this level a model new notification channel individual_chat_defaults_01 is created in What’s App, I assemble not know the design they safe that event. Nonetheless they assist rising the quantity each time.

I think that What’s app listens to these extra or a lot much less occasions to know everytime you area a diversified notification kind for a contact. On this case they wish to originate a model new notification channel for this contact

To breed that behaviour, throughout the app I merely originate a model new channel channel_id: "ab2", title:"good day" and place the previous one (channel_id: "ab1", title:"good day").

On the next notification, as a result of it’s a model new channel, the “Alert” (default) mode is enabled.

Nonetheless having a peek on the notifications, I peaceful peek the “good day” channel, which is extremely complicated.

What I choose

  • Initially What’s App might possibly possibly peaceful place that behaviour, as a result of it’s not UX great the least bit.
  • Then Android might possibly possibly peaceful not let builders originate channels with differents Ids nonetheless the identical Names, as a result of they’re, as acknowledged in DDD VALUES and not ENTITIES.

The Consumer would not wish to silent the channel with the identification ab2, nonetheless the channel with the title good day.

Extra Information

In contacted What’s App toughen, they informed me it was a bug in my system (as they informed to anyone throughout the Google Pixel Toughen)

The app is the very most attention-grabbing one I might possibly possibly attain and I’m no educated in Android.

I assemble not in fact know what to realize with all that, so leaving it to you guys.

Please, be at liberty to open a PR for one factor else on this repository (even typos, english isn’t any longer my first language).

For the NotificationListener share, the code is from this repository, due to @kpbird.


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