The first 15″ laptop designed to protect your digital life

The first 15″ laptop designed to protect your digital life

The primary 15″ pc designed to offer safety to your digital existence

The Librem 15 is the predominant extremely-moveable workstation pc that grew to become designed chip-by-chip, line-by-line, to respect your rights to privateness, safety, and freedom. Each {hardware} and instrument ingredient—and each factor we design—is per our perception in respecting your rights to privateness, safety, and freedom. We all know it is probably you will maybe possibly be absolutely overjoyed with the outcomes.

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Seventh Technology Intel Processor

Two Cores, 4 Threads, 3.5GHz i7-7500U

Intel Core i7

Processors are wished—they’re generally known as central processing objects, for a cause. Deciding on Intel i7 mainly primarily based absolutely largely processors, the seventh technology cell mannequin, provides the ideally obedient battery existence whereas no longer compromising tempo and supporting the launch offer coreboot BIOS. In utilizing probably the most contemporary from Intel, processor-hungry functions fabricate at lightning tempo.

Hasty Reminiscence Galore

8GB, as much as 32GB, DDR4.

Reminiscence is a shocking converse. Purism provides the ideally obedient in school reminiscence modules on the quickest speeds available in a pc. You can be taught about how swiftly instrument functions acknowledge when utilizing the very ideally obedient prime quality freedom-respecting {hardware}.

Seventh Technology Intel Graphics

Optimized for media, with out the vitality drain, with Intel HD Graphics 620

Librem Intel GPU

Play movement images, edit motion pictures and render 3D with out pains with a vitality-optimized seventh technology graphics processing unit.

Purism Waste Switches

Two {hardware} execute switches, microphone/digicam and wi-fi/bluetooth

Librem Hardware Kill Switches

Now with a bodily toggle swap, when your digicam and microphone are switched off, they’re off. Wi-fi and Bluetooth are combined in a 2nd {hardware} swap to govern your total radio indicators inbound and outbound.

Anodized Aluminium Chassis

Skinny, light, and stable

Purism Anodized Aluminium Chassis

Deciding on the third most noteworthy half, and most noteworthy steel on earth intention we accumulate the vast benefits of aluminium, light, skinny, and stable, whereas utilizing noteworthy earth sources.

15.6″ 4K Matte Mark

Revel in your cloak in all lighting stipulations

Librem Matte Screen

With our anti-reflection matte point out it is probably you will maybe possibly maybe maybe additionally survey your cloak with out the depressing replicate-like reflections of vivid reveals. The Librem 15 now provides a 4K point out! With the 15.6 plug cloak now supporting the subsequent decision (3840 x 2160), there will be extra pixels per plug (PPI). Further pixels per plug translate to a sharper point out. Higher for each and each work and play.

Certified Multitouch Trackpad

Scroll, click on on, zoom, scale, all with an effortless-to-use multitouch trackpad

First, there grew to become the mouse. Then obtained proper right here joysticks, eraser-heads, trackballs… now welcome the final interface: the multitouch trackpad, with gestures natively supported beneath PureOS.

Backlit Keyboard, Supreme Keypresses

Invent prime quality begins from the predominant converse you contact. You’ll experience typing in your Librem so nice, it is probably you will maybe possibly maybe maybe additionally by no intention discontinuance typing. The Librem 15 provides a beefy-sized keyboard together with numeric keypad, with simple to press keys—however no longer too simple—floating extreme ample to really feel “attractive attractive” for these who push down. Experience typing day and night with the backlit keys with two phases of depth.

Certified Sturdy Hinge

Designed to final, bolstered steel, mounted on to the case and cloak

Librem Hinge

We accumulate considering hinges. Generally missed by insufficient pc makers, our hinge is constructed to be sturdy for existence, staying shut when shut, and staying construct in any of the 130° of cloak perspective whereas in use.

Purism Key

A extremely environment friendly key to look your pc and functions

Purism Key

One button to rule all of them. Quickly accumulate admission to your total favorite apps and paperwork from a single key.

Freedom 360°

Excessive, Left, Comely, Entrance, and Rear, it’s onerous to stride tainted with these profiles

Purism Librem 15 All Sides

Swish, slim, elegant, slim, are attractive a pair of phrases to checklist the Librem laptops.

Your Privateness Is Edifying Chip By Chip

Each {hardware} chip in my notion chosen with emphasis on freedom-respecting

Purism Librem 13 Exploded View

All varied laptops use {hardware} chips coupled with instrument that may betray you. Recordsdata tales be happy proven how these chips can surreptitiously transmit allege, networking, checklist or video indicators. Totally different chips are aged to place in spyware and adware, malware or viruses. These constructed-in vulnerabilities can flip “your” pc into “their” pc. Purism works with {hardware} ingredient suppliers and the Free instrument neighborhood in route of constructing {hardware} that respects your privateness and protects your safety.

Comes with probably the most rights-respecting working machine

PureOS, from the bootloader, kernel, by way of to the tons of and tons of of instrument functions available, is constructed line-by-line with emphasis in your rights to privateness, safety, and freedom.

Aligned Beliefs—We trust what you trust

Once you make the most of a Purism pc it is probably you will maybe possibly maybe maybe additionally very neatly be working the ideally obedient {hardware} and instrument, whereas sustaining your rights to privateness, safety, and freedom in thoughts. We set respecting customers’ rights to privateness, safety, and freedom above all else.

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The primary excessive-live 15″ pc that respects your privateness, safety, and freedom.

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