SQLite 3.32.0

SQLite 3.32.0
  1. Added improve for approximate ANALYZE using the
    PRAGMA analysis_limit elaborate.
  2. Added the bytecode digital desk.
  3. Add the checksum VFS shim to the connect of flee-time loadable
    extensions included inside the provision tree.
  4. Added the iif() SQL feature.
  5. INSERT and UPDATE statements now always bear in mind column affinity
    prior to computing CHECK constraints. This laptop virus restore may effectively perchance, in
    perception, connect off concerns for legacy databases with unorthodox
    CHECK constraints the require the enter type for an INSERT
    is diversified from the declared column type. Gaze tag
    for extra information.
  6. Added the sqlite3_create_filename(), sqlite3_free_filename(),
    and sqlite3_database_file_object()
    interfaces to raised improve of VFS shim implementations.
  7. Develop the default better certain
    on the amount of parameters from 999 to 32766.
  8. Added code for the UINT collating sequence as an elective
    loadable extension.
  9. Enhancements to the CLI:
    1. Add alternate choices to the .import elaborate: –csv, –ascii, –skip
    2. The .dump elaborate now accepts just some LIKE-sample arguments
      and outputs the union of all matching tables.
    3. Add the .oom elaborate in debugging builds
    4. Add the –bom chance to the .excel, .output, and .once
    5. Toughen the .filectrl elaborate to reinforce the –schema chance.
    6. The UINT collating sequence extension is robotically loaded
  10. The ESCAPE clause of a LIKE operator now overrides wildcard
    characters, in order that the habits now fits what PostgreSQL does.
  11. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: 2020-05-22 17: 46: 16 5998789c9c744bce92e4cff7636bba800a75574243d6977e1fc8281e360f8d5a
  12. SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 33ed868b21b62ce1d0352ed88bdbd9880a42f29046497a222df6459fc32a356f

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