Show HN: ZmURL – Eventbrite for Zoom

Show HN: ZmURL – Eventbrite for Zoom

An net exclaim that elevates your event.

Your event deserves greater than an terrifying registration invent. Put of dwelling the tone for a considerable time with an simply net exclaim.

Stop Zoombombing with Constructed-In Privateness.

Half your hyperlink on social media with out letting trolls in. Configure your event to require RSVP and handbook approval.

Impression Cash for Web internet hosting Occasions.

Put of dwelling up a mannequin label to your event. Web site guests glean accumulate admission to information after fee.

What are you going to host?

Assemble an simply net exclaim to your event in 2 minutes.


  1. Hi HN! I started working on ZmURL during quarantine since I was tired of sending around ugly Zoom links that don't provide any context.

    Curious to hear what you think 🙂

    Funny story: my co-founder Dan and I actually met on Zoom a year ago and we've only met in person once.

    A year ago, I was raising money. I met with an investor who liked me but didn't like my startup… He said I should chat with Dan and work with him.

    Dan was living in Beijing so we set up a Zoom call and hung out for an hour. I liked him but we decided not to work together.

    We stayed in touch and COVID derailed our other plans. So we started ZmURL.


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