Show HN: – PDF Editor, PDF to Word, PDF Combiner

Show HN: – PDF Editor, PDF to Word, PDF Combiner

You have bought exceed your conversion restrict of 1 per hour, it is possibly you may presumably presumably convert your recordsdata in
59: 00
or Hint in and convert now.

Turning into PRO supplies you these capabilities

  • πŸ₯‡ No Adverts
  • ☝ Unrestricted conversions
  • πŸ₯‡ OCR Conversions
  • 🐱 Priority queue
  • πŸš€ Function Ask Probability


  1. I like the wide array of formats, but: I know people are going to ask, so I’ll bring it up:

    1) why is this something we should pay for (when there’s a variety of free PDF conversion websites)?

    2) how long are files retained for? The Privacy Policy has no mention of retention or deletion.

  2. This looks nice, I think you could increase payed users by offering an API. I wouldn't pay for this outside of work because I wouldn't need it often. I wouldn't pay for this at work because I need integration. Where I work we always need PDF to something conversions, but we also need to have that functionality integrated to our apps. We have been user pdftk, and it's been great.


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