Show HN: Light up code in text editor as it executes

Show HN: Light up code in text editor as it executes

What’s this?

A speedy and dirty proof-of-theory of an perception I had – what if in case you ran code, the linked traces lit up in your textual content editor? And maybe these traces which ran primarily probably the most lit up the brightest?


Screen recording

How this works

The implementation proper right here features a Ruby agent and a VS Code extension. The agent profiles working code and pings messages to a socket, which the extension listens for and surfaces throughout the editor.

Run this your self throughout the neighborhood

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run the perform/gape script: bin/perform
  3. Begin it in VS Code
  4. Press F5 (or Run > Originate Debugging)
  5. Begin the agent itemizing on this respository throughout the ensuing VS Code window (labelled ‘Extension Constructing Host’)
  6. Run the instance script throughout the agent itemizing, ruby instance.rb
  7. Look the traces of code illuminate as they creep



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