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Home Reality Show HN:, visualise your data in virtual reality

Show HN:, visualise your data in virtual reality

Show HN:, visualise your data in virtual reality

What’s ImmersivePoints? 🧐

ImmersivePoints is an utility which reveals your 3D data in digital actuality.

It’s a methods supported by digital actuality headers to your PC, and stand-by myself headsets equal to the oculus quest.

You may need to nicely both visualise data to your bear server, or add data to my server on the add page.

Getting began alongside together with your bear data is straightforward: eradicate a secret agent at these programming examples.

Idea examples of digital actuality data

Card image

What a self-utilizing automobile sees with or not it is LiDAR scanner. This body is taken from the AEV dataset

Card image

A mind with some data of a clustering algorithm

Card image

A body from the A2D2 dataset with bounding packing containers

How can I add my bear pointclouds?

You’ll want to well add your bear aspects here. On that web page it is a methods described in what construction your data can also aloof be.

Exporting your bear data is fairly simple. Favor to secret agent some examples on the way to export pointclouds? Eradicate a secret agent at:

Why was this created?

About 5 years inside the previous I was working an algorithm to cluster 3D mind data. It was noteworthy to understand whether or not or not the topological ordering made sense. The current instruments on the time had been unimaginative and uninformative, so I found JavaScript to make the most of a 3D visualisation library. That yr Google launched the google-cardboard which allowed me to secret agent spherical in my visualisation.

Even though this was spectacular, you aloof might nicely not switch spherical freely. This yr Fb launched the Oculus Quest, which is an untethered digital actuality headset! I supplied it and adjusted my earlier code to in the end be able to path spherical inside the data love I wanted 5 years inside the previous!

After a type of apparent suggestions from others I made this into a site, so which it is most definitely you will additionally secret agent at your bear data as well. Talents!

Additional data:

Whereas it is most definitely you will additionally bear any questions, be at liberty to achieve out to me. My electronic mail addres is: [email protected]


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