Show HN: DevOps and SRE hiring and training tool

Show HN: DevOps and SRE hiring and training tool

Rent SREs & DevOps

principally primarily based completely on expertise

Rent and put collectively the supreme candidates the philosophize of exact-world conditions that would expose troubleshooting expertise.

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When hiring SREs and DevOps, candidates should expose the power to troubleshoot, diagnose, prioritize and restore issues.

CircuitOps creates actual existence reside conditions with damaged components, and asks candidates to ship their expertise by fixing these issues.


Only a few sides that our clients devour.

Proper existence conditions

Streak up stout stacks with damaged components, and ask candidates to own a look at logs, databases and configs to accumulate the foundation motive and restore the issues, as they’d perchance develop on the job.

Place time with pre-show conceal

In area of spending time interviewing all candidates, improvement solely candidates who expose troubleshooting means and talent gadgets to the following stage of your hiring process.

In-interview making an attempt out

Streak up seize conditions in minutes and philosophize them throughout reside interviews, liberating up your time to degree of curiosity on the precise questions and making an attempt out their thought process.

Candidate paced

A candidate’s actions and instructions are recorded and saved for playback later, enabling the candidate to hurry through conditions in-interview, or offline of their very possess time.

Candidate’s possess environment

The candidate is free to work with their chosen CLI, letting them degree of curiosity on the conditions, now now not finding out a model up to date environment. A heat up situation moreover allows them to rep gratified.

Junior & senior plan

With a pair of ranges of complexity, a candidate is classed in conditions starting from barely simple, to multi-tier complicated methods, enabling junior and senior candidate hiring.

Check out in

Check out in to our beta. We will moreover allow you to interview your up to date candidates.

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