Show HN: An open source Py/Django Ticket system to improve people charity.

Show HN: An open source Py/Django Ticket system to improve people charity.

Shiva is a platform whose purpose is permitting versatile method to again of us.
It’s miles in conserving with the realizing of Tickets, when one needs again it creates a stamp,
when one wanna again it creates a stamp.

A stamp maps to a pair of accessible or lacking useful useful resource, it’s going to even be utilities, clothes, meals
and even of us who’re providing shelter.

When a authentic stamp is created then it performs an identical requirements amongst current tickets.
Tag householders will rep notified in conserving with their stamp’s attributes fancy nation, inform,
metropolis, stamp type, useful useful resource type and heaps others.

When a stamp is created then an Piece of email is disbursed to the stamp’s author to validate the stamp it
comes with a deletion and steer explicit of expiration hyperlink that’s historic to secure away the stamp later.

The reason to now not search information from a login mechanism contains the precise incontrovertible fact that of us who’re in
want of basic sources to live on are now not going to have rep admission to to a instrument with cyber internet nor
an Piece of email fable.

The actual advance of getting validation/deletion hyperlinks for tickets it allows third occasions
to look information from for again on one behalf with simplicity.

Present: There is a mannequin operating at
That’s by no means any longer meant to be usable because it runs on a free heroku fable.

First place up a virtualenv.

cd ~/.virtualenvs/
virtualenv shiva -p python

Arrange Shiva necessities.

pip arrange -r necessities.txt

Keep Piece of email backend attributes in shiva/

# The positioning space.
SITE_ADDRESS = ' 8000'

EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend'
EMAIL_USE_TLS = Appropriate

# Should you don't seem like the utilization of one thing fancy sendgrid single sender verification

Internet Google Capitcha keys and occupy the subsequent attributes
in shiva/

Present: You must silent add 8000 in your Google Capitcha
space to permit it working when in debug mode on port 8000.

# For debugging on

Scenario your place admins with:

ADMINS = [('Yourname', 'Youremail')]

That attribute defines who will rep notified when tickets are reported.
It of route works absolutely when DEBUG = False.

Migrate with.

python put migrate

Flee the script beneath to plot Django Admin Superusers.


Flee it fancy:

cd ~/tasks/shiva-code
stdbuf -o Zero python put runserver 8000

After that you just needs to be in a spot of residing to rep admission to Shiva on. 8000

Present: It’s elementary to have the attribute beneath in your
in expose to elope checks. It’s miles to bypass google captcha.

Tickets most often may have an expiration date except it’s imagined to be eternal. That function
will likely be utilized but. There is a ticket_app/administration/instructions/run_expiration
uncover to look at stamp expiration. That you could elope it with a cron job.

There is a mechanism of reporting tickets, when a stamp is reported then an Piece of email
is disbursed to all django place admins.

The next steps would possibly presumably be getting of us to check, contribute with options
and principally translation for various languages.

I acquired proper right here accross the purpose of this enterprise when i met Cara Arellano ([email protected]).
She invited me to participate in a enterprise to again India to boost from COVID-19 issues.

I was as quickly as advised the enterprise was as quickly as the looks of a platform to simplify the technique of discovering
accessible sources for donnation. I appreciated the enterprise purpose and that i made up my thoughts to work on Shiva’s specification.


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