Show HN: A Firefox add-on to strip Google search results from ‘blacklisted’ URLs

Show HN: A Firefox add-on to strip Google search results from ‘blacklisted’ URLs

What’s wiper

Wiper is a browser plugin (presently Firefox) that strips search engine (presently Google) outcomes in accordance to your customized blacklist.

Wiper 0.9 (beta- most recent)

Permits for including and putting off explicit particular person’s maintain blacklist the utilization of leer>sidebar>Wiper.

Accessible on Firefox Add-ons here

Wiper 0.1

Targets google.*/search and eliminates outcomes which can perchance properly perchance presumably be within the blacklist (outlined within the scripts).


  1. I wrote this because I was so annoyed by irrelevant low-quality search results for my queries on Google. For instance if I'm looking up for Python xyz topic, 99% of the times I am not interested in some 'low-quality' content (based on my personal preferences) from website

    The plugin maintains a persistent and customizable list of URLs (keywords) that are used as a 'blacklist' for stripping results.

  2. This is absolutely fantastic. Similarly frustrated with sites gaming SEO with near rubbish results or bare minimum content.

  3. This should already have been part of Google itself. Some sites come up high far too frequently for certain searches of mine, and it's never the best info.

    I like that this doesn't completely blow away the result, but I do kind of wish is was further de-emphasized. Maybe smaller font or faded text.

  4. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get what this is doing. How did the Google search results get inside some other URL?

    I tried to watch the animation to understand, but it's too low resolution for me to read.


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