People, Power and Technology: The 2020 Digital Attitudes Report

People, Power and Technology: The 2020 Digital Attitudes Report

Of us, Vitality and Expertise: The 2020 Digital Attitudes File

The general public is over once more recalibrating its relationship with talents.  The pandemic lockdown has accelerated even additional the already dizzying chase of technological commerce: the pronounce of job has turn into Zoom, the school room Google and the theatre YouTube. 

The transformations wrought on this period will likely be lasting. The tip outcomes of this period of elevated tech dependence have to be one the place aside talents serves of us, communities and planet. 

Doteveryone fights for higher tech, for all folks. To supply this it’s essential to hearken to – and admire – the views of the general public. This instruct areas the of us which might maybe maybe be experiencing this astronomical transformation entrance and centre. 

Per our groundbreaking 2018 be taught on the general public’s digital attitudes and understanding, we ran a nationally advisor acknowledge appropriate before lockdown and focal stage groups shortly after it started, benchmarking the general public’s urge for food, understanding and tolerance within the route of the impacts of tech on their lives.   

This year’s be taught finds of us proceed to absolutely really feel the main points superhighway is best for them as people than for society as an entire. 81% enlighten the main points superhighway has made life masses or a tiny higher for ‘of us love me’ whereas 58% enlighten it has had a extraordinarily specific or fairly specific influence on society normal.

In discussions held shortly after the start up of the pandemic lockdown, of us had been significantly grateful for his or her potential to proceed to work, preserve friendships and rep entry to recordsdata due to talents.  

There’s a inside most factor the place aside, on a on a regular basis basis, these units are so worthwhile – the chase at which we are able to painting issues, we are able to articulate over with of us, we don’t should skedaddle away the dwelling. Honest appropriate! Nonetheless I believe there may very well be a large painting in what’s it doing to society and the place aside is it going to rob us? As a result of inside the kill, if now we private machines that enact each factor, we don’t even should rep off the mattress inside the morning, we don’t private a motive anymore. Of us, Vitality and Expertise 2020 be taught participant

On the alternative hand, there’s been a needed drop inside the power of of us’s enthusiasm over the ultimate two years with 38% saying the main points superhighway has made life grand higher for of us love them, when put subsequent with 50% in 2018.  

And it finds most of us (58%) assume the commerce is underneath-regulated. They title govt (53%) and simply regulators (48%) as having most accountability for steering the impacts of workmanship on of us and society. 

One or two or three firms seem like fully dominant and so it’s a odd expose whereby these firms practically appear fairly precise, appropriate attributable to the size of them. Most of us are happy for Google and Apple to rob succor watch over and behold after it, however I believe that the government. should serene proceed to play an essential function. Of us, Vitality and Expertise 2020 be taught participant

It finds that although of us’s digital understanding has grown, that’s not serving to them to type their on-line experiences according to their very have desires. They serene fight to rep recordsdata in regards to the elements that matter and to resolve companies that match their preferences.

And it finds of us most continuously don’t know the place aside to flip when issues skedaddle scandalous. Even inside the occasion that they enact instruct issues, they repeatedly don’t rep any options. Over 1 / 4 (26%) enlighten they’ve reported experiencing a problem on-line however that nothing took pronounce as a consequence.  

We’ve not purchased a substitute however to rob half in talents, it’s there, we’re drawn into it… most continuously there’s no a amount of danger and however when issues skedaddle scandalous we’re the tiny particular person on our have trying to fight the broad system. Of us, Vitality and Expertise 2020 be taught participant

They mistrust tech firms’ motives – best 19% assume they make their companies with of us’s handiest pursuits in suggestions – principally really feel powerless to affect what they enact, and are resigned to companies the place aside contaminated experiences are perceived to be part of the on a regular basis.  

The brand new societal shift is a danger to type a fairer future the place aside talents works for extra of us, extra of the time. Our shining options to govt and commerce present positive steps to rep that occur. 

Key findings

  • Of us are taking an extreme quantity of measures on-line that stem from their digital understanding. Most of us private checked their privateness settings (73%), hunted for information start air their filter bubble (67%) or aged an advert blocker (56%) however of us tend to rob these actions best every and infrequently. 
  • Almost half (47%) principally really feel they private no substitute however to sign in to companies irrespective of issues and 45% principally really feel there’s no stage studying phrases and situations as a result of firms will enact what they need anyway.
  • Over 1 / 4 of the general public (26%) enlighten they’ve reported experiencing a problem on-line however that nothing took pronounce as a consequence. Further than half would favor extra areas to behold serve (55%) and a easier scheme for reporting tech firms (53%).
  • Useful 19% assume tech firms are designing their companies with their handiest pursuits in suggestions. Half (50%) assume it’s ‘part and parcel’ of being on-line that of us will try to cheat or damage them in some method.


  • We suggest the creation of an simply physique, the Area of job for Responsible Expertise, to steer a concerted, coordinated and pressing effort to rep a regulatory panorama match for the digital age and rep positive the advantages of workmanship are evenly shared in a post-pandemic world.
  • We suggest all tech firms implement precise, clear make patterns that imprint how companies work and give of us needed succor watch over over how they function. The Competitors and Markets Authority, in coordination with the Recordsdata Commissioner’s Area of job, should serene scenario and enforce handiest notice for understandability, transparency and essential substitute for the platforms the place aside of us train most of their time on-line. 
  • We suggest the Authorities should serene atrocious its imminent media literacy method spherical new fashions of public empowerment for the digital age that
    • Meet of us the place aside they’re, with alternatives to behave embedded into companies
    • Present recordsdata that’s specific to the expose and tailor-made to the particular person’s performance and mindset  
    • Improve fairly than detract from current on-line experiences and rep suggestions in regards to the influence of any motion, rising the motivation to behave
  • We suggest all tech firms rep accessible and easy options for of us to disclose issues and supply positive recordsdata in regards to the actions they rob as a consequence. And we suggest the incoming on-line harms regulator present sturdy oversight of firms’ complaints processes based on seven suggestions of higher redress inside the digital age:
    1. Make that’s as just because the rest of the service 
    2. Signposting on the level-of-exercise
    3. Simple, brief, straightforward processes
    4. Ideas at every step
    5. Navigating complexity
    6. Auditability and openness
    7. Proportionality
  • We suggest that digitally-favorable astronomical complainants must be empowered to inquire of collective redress from abilities-pushed harms on the general public’s behalf and to channel unresolved disputes between people and firms. And we title on the Authorities to reinforce coordination for civil society organisations serving to of us to deal with the impacts of workmanship-pushed harms on their lives.

Be taught and acquire the fleshy instruct.


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