Notes on Building a fast web(site)

Notes on Building a fast web(site)

I spent the previous two days rebuilding my net residing
from scratch, ditching Bootstrap, JQuery and customized fonts (you’ll be vexed to be taught the contrivance mighty
site visitors customized fonts are chargeable for) in instruct to boost its efficiency, readability and computing sources utilization.

I’m fairly contented with the hassle: now, any internet web page reliably lots of in decrease than 1 2nd worldwide
with out a CDN (yeah, even in Australia) and the theme overhead is roughly 10 KB.

website performance

As I’m not the best one fascinated by my internet residing efficiency and sources have an effect on, let’s discover the world of extraordinarily light-weight and sustainable web sites.


Straightforward be taught the contrivance to originate an particularly fleet and sustainable internet residing?

Initially, push apart the snake oil salesmen: Single internet web page software frameworks (love React, Vue and the general derivatives. Because the title implies they’re right for options, not web sites), headless CMS, CDN….

They most interesting add bloat which is your actual reverse of efficiency and sustainability. Moreover, including middlemen can most interesting induce downtimes.

Upright eat frail and dumb know-how: a static residing generator with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Whereas rebuilding my internet residing I found a couple of issues:

  • Use the default machine fonts.
  • HTML, CSS and JS takes time to parse. Experiment between including the sources as exterior sources (thus requiring additional requests) and inlining them (thus they’re loaded for each internet web page).
  • There are light-weight alternate options to JQuery which provide the an similar ease of vogue. I chosen cash (tag beneath).
  • The quickest code is the one which does not exist. Rather than including, want, want want. Fetch away ineffective libraries, want ineffective images, want ineffective excessive bars.
  • It took me much less time to originate it from scratch as but some other of integrating Bootstrap.
  • Textual content compresses efficiently (attributable to the low entropy) and images & fonts don’t (attributable to the extreme entropy).
  • My price range for a internet web page is 30KB for HTML + CSS + JS, virtually half of the dimensions of the customized font I beforehand earlier.
  • Don’t worry about supporting Internet Explorer.



In an age of disposable orderly models and unrepairable electronics, there are few points that rep my suggestions as mighty as solutioning for technological resilience.

Off the grid

People rep to live off-grid for self-sufficience, resilience, or ecological causes. For us, to live off-grid, is most of all letting skedaddle of the numbing customized of consolation.

These adventurers live on a ship with constrained sources by substitute. If we don’t unexpectedly stop our destruction of the environment, we’re going to greater than most likely be pressured to live by the an similar constraints in a couple of years. So larger be taught factual now the right way to live sustainably.

Handing over WordPress in 7KB

Take word, NASA managed to maintain an individual on the moon with about 50KB of recordsdata storage to play with.

Easy be taught the contrivance to Manufacture a Low-tech Online page online

Our recent weblog is designed to radically slice once more the vitality eat related to accessing our inform.

Sustainable Web Function (2013)

A rising amount of industries try to slice succor or not decrease than curtail carbon footprints and vitality eat. Emissions necessities had been place of residing for the automobile, building, and even telecommunications industries. But the earn’s carbon footprint is rising out of retain an eye fixed on: a whopping 830 million a complete bunch CO2 yearly, which is larger than that of the general aviation industrial. That quantity is decided to double by 2020.

On Web sites

The recent internet is odd. It seems to be prefer to be dominated by some foolish suggestions: You want of us to spend as mighty time as conceivable in your residing, You want of us to talk over together with your residing usually, You want of us to fragment your inform…

A solar powered net residing

This internet residing is a solar-powered, self-hosted model of Low-tech Journal. It has been designed to radically slice once more the vitality eat related to accessing our inform.

Manufacture a JSON API With Hugo’s custom output codecs

Straightforward be taught the contrivance to originate a JSON API with a static residing generator 😅


hugo (Apache 2.0)

A simple and fleet static residing generator with a big group who builds various points.

It’s my weapon of substitute.

hugonews (GPL 2.0)

A light-weight Hugo theme that mimics Hacker Recordsdata (demo).

zola (MIT)

A fleet static residing generator in a single binary with each little factor built-in.

Publii (GPL 3.0)

Publii is a desktop-basically principally based mostly CMS for Home windows, Mac and Linux that makes creating static web sites fleet and bother-free, even for newbies.

Money (MIT)

An absurdly runt jQuery substitute for up-to-the-minute browsers.

Susty (GPL 2.0)

A tiny WordPress theme involved on being as sustainable as conceivable. Upright 6KB of recordsdata change, or 7 with Yoast!


A model recent assault in opposition to the Bluetooth specification itself was once found, affecting Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm models and masses additional.

Additionally different vulnerabilities have arrive out this week in LibreOffice, Ruby on rails, Pink hat and Ubuntu’s kernels, PostgreSQL, Chrome OS and additional. Change now 🙂

E ebook

Designing for Sustainability: A Recordsdata to Building Greener Digital Merchandise and Services, by Tim Frick

Pixels eat electrical energy, and various it. If the Internet had been a nation, it incessantly is the sixth best by method of electrical energy eat. That’s as a result of today’s affordable internet pages has surpassed two megabytes in dimension, ensuing in sluggish load conditions, pissed off clients, and various wasted vitality. With this sincere right handbook, your internet manufacture crew will easy options to place collectively sustainability ideas for creating fast, consumer-top-notch, and energy-efficient digital merchandise and corporations and merchandise.

Deal with high-quality ✌️



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