More than 800 languages in a single typeface: creating Noto for Google

More than 800 languages in a single typeface: creating Noto for Google

Stare samples of just some writing packages included inside the Noto household.

Canadian Aboriginal is a writing system light in an opportunity of indigenous languages of Canada together with Blackfoot [9,000 speakers], Cree [70,000 speakers], Inuktitut [65,000 speakers], and Ojibwe [80,000 speakers].

Noto Sans Devanagari covers 62 languages. The identify is made up of two Sanskrit phrases: deva, which methodology god, and nāgarī, which methodology metropolis.

The Glagothic writing system grew to become as quickly as invented inside the path of the ninth century by missionaries in repeat to translate the Bible into the language of the Astronomical Moravia place. This writing system is the basis of Former Church Slavonic, which is aloof light by the Russian Orthodox church.

Invent that round 200AD the utilization of Hebrew had largely been changed by Aramaic? It wasn’t till the 1850s when Eliezer Ben Yehuda started a advertising and advertising and advertising marketing campaign to lift abet Hebrew. On the distinctive time, Hebrew is spoken by about 5 million folks.

Lycian grew to become as quickly as spoken in Turkey up till across the third century BC. Data of the Lycian language is considerably exiguous with handiest about 180 inscriptions from the fourth and fifth century BC to utilize as reference material.

Even if Saurashtra has it’s receive script, it is primarily a spoken language handiest. Probably the most cited motive is the shortcoming of colleges instructing folks to learn and write in Saurashtra script. With fewer than 200,000 audio system, Latin, Devanagari or Tamil are probably the most frequent picks.

In Mongolia, Tibetan is perception to be because the traditional language of Buddhism and has no typographic customized. What minute has been carried out in Tibetan typography inside the previous few many years is based totally fully on replicating calligraphic mannequin, till Noto.


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