Do you think the new Dell XPS (2020) could be a MacBook Pro killer?

Do you think the new Dell XPS (2020) could be a MacBook Pro killer?

Earlier than a I overview the XPS 17 9700 and XPS 15 9500 for 2020, listed here are my early palms on impressions. Higher than an Apple MacBook in plenty of strategies, these are the positive laptops from Dell!

Pc Skins –

XPS 15 – From $1299

XPS 17 – From $1499

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  1. I've been looking for a good laptop to get out of the hands of Apple. Macbook's experience has been slowly degrading along the years.

    If these new Dell XPS laptops happen to have good Linux support, that could definitely be my next machine. It seems on par with newest Macbook Pros.

  2. I have been wanting to give one a spin with PopOS. It is coming close to MacOS for my needs, which mostly involve getting out of the way and letting me get stuff done.


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